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Welcome to Gator Band Apparel!

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Uniforms, Pillows, & Shakos!

Our uniform donation order form is available for you to download and mail in!

Use the buttons below to see what items are available and download an order form.

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Can I make a uniform donation online?

Is there a minimum gift amount?

Yes, Gators must make at least a gift per item as noted above. $60 for shako, $110 for pillow, $160 for jacket.

When will I receive my purchase?

We will notify you via email upon receipt of your order with expected ship date, usually being shipped out in one week to three weeks. This year the pillows will be made as purchases come in, so there could be a month or so until your ship date arrives.

Can I get more than one item?

Yes, but you will still make the minimum donation per item no matter how many items are purchased.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes. You will receive a tax receipt via mail after you make a gift. However, please note that there was an exchange of goods and services upon your donation. The Fair Market Value (FMV) of the items we are providing will reduce the tax credit of your gift, in accordance with federal tax regulations. FMV – pillows ($100), jackets ($150), shakos ($50)

If I still have a question, how can I get in touch?

Please contact our Administrative Assistant, Elise, by email at or by phone at 352-273-3146.

What does my gift support?

Gifts support the Gator Band!


About Us

Our Online Apparel Store is run by the sisters of Tau Beta Sigma at the University of Florida. Our goal is to raise money to support the band while providing great apparel for you to show your support for the Sound of the Gator Nation, The Pride of the Sunshine, The University of Florida Fightin' Gator Marching Band!

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How Can We Help You?

You can reach Gator Band Apparel whenever and wherever you’d like.

Thanks for submitting!

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